The 2018 K12 Student Innovator of the Year was a huge success! The students created amazing inventions. Thank you to all the students, sponsors, and judges for making this a wonderful event!
  1. High School 1st Place - Vampir

  2. High School 2nd Place - Digest It

  3. High School 3rd Place - Find It

  1. Jr. High School 1st Place - Ar Heart

  2. Jr. High School 2nd Place - Anti-Fatigue

  3. Jr. High School 3rd Place - Tech Jacket

  1. Elementary 1st Place - Bungy Ski

  2. Elementary 2nd Place - Stop Pop

  3. Elementary 3rd Place - Smart Cones

​This year we also had People's Choice Awards and our

four finalists were:

  1. Supreme Sealz (High School)

  2. Rebecca Davis's Team (Elementary)

  3. Innovator-Gators (Jr. High)

  4. Ocean Squirrels (High School)

2018 Competition Photos

2017 Competition Photos

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